I’ve had a shoddy week, starting with last weekend when I got horrendously drunk and ruined some of our plans due to a hangover, leading to a cold/flu scenario ending with a mini migraine yesterday (I know, it was actually probably just a headache because mini migraines don’t really exist.) So I’ve decided to cheer myself up by doing a run down of some of the awesome fun things that have happened recently.

1. I got a job! I’m proud to say that I will soon be a fully fledged ex pat and will eventually be doing the dreaded six day weeks. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a job that pays reasonably well and will give our income a nice little boost! It also means that I’m no longer a ‘house girlfriend’ which means shared chores – shared cooking and cleaning! Yay, lets make a roster! I’m super happy because I managed to get this job really quick, like the day after I picked up my visa quick! I guess I looked at the right page at the right time. Lucky me.

2. We experienced our first ever Chinese new year in a country that genuinely celebrates. I’ve got to be honest, we were in bed before midnight and we did not actually realise that Chinese new year happened as we kind of got the dates mixed up. It was only until our lovely door lady greeted up with a tin of chocolates and a ‘Happy New Year!’ did we realise that we’d actually had an early night and missed it! No problems here though, as celebrations last for at least a week! We missed the street parade because we’re idiots, but we did manage to score a good spot to watch the official fireworks. Armed with beer and cider we stood at the piers in Central surrounded by the awesome skyline and took in the view lit up by huge colourful fireworks. That’s the point that I started getting drunk and proceeded to ruin the rest of our weekend. Oops.

3. I found an awesome show on Netflix. Yeah, life isn’t always about going out and about and seeing what’s on offer. Sometimes you need to cuddle up your flu ridden body on the couch and binge watch a whole series and a half. I don’t know about you but I’m hooked on OITNB. With the whole season being released on Netflix you end up watching the whole series in a couple of days and are left with a year of anticipation about what happens next. I happened upon another title that fit into the niche of woman prison comedy dramas in the form of ‘Wentworth’ which is pretty much an Australian version of Orange, but a lot more hardcore, gritty (as Netflix describes it) and not as much humour (which isn’t a bad thing) Some of the acting is questionable, but who cares when people are getting shivved left right and centre!?. I’m halfway through season 2 and a little Wikipedia search shows me it’s still being produced so hopefully I can alternate this with Orange in future. However, I hopefully won’t have enough time to sit around watching box sets in the future.

4. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat in early hours, so I stumbled to the bathroom and popped a strepsil, lied back down in bed and promptly fell straight back to sleep. With the whole strepsil in my mouth, when Paul woke up to go to work I woke too and rediscovered the strepsil… and then fell back asleep with it again. How did I not die. I don’t know. Anyway, when I eventually woke again I had a vicious headache that felt like the beginning of a migraine, I also woke up to a text message asking if I was still up to do something. First thoughts were ‘NO’ but after a couple of minutes I thought, fuck this headache. I had a near death experience with a non dissolving strepsil and I sure as hell was not about to sit in the apartment for a third day running. So I manned up, popped so many pills that it would have warranted a trip to the hospital and sat in the shower for literally an hour. By this time I still felt awful but I managed to pull myself together enough to get a peach and rose iced tea (delicious) and hop on the tram to Causeway Bay. 10 minutes later I was on a minibus with Rach heading to Stanley and by the time I had inhaled a steak sandwich I was absolutely fine. The power of positive thinking (and a handful of painkillers.) We had a lovely walk along Stanley Bay, past a couple of beaches and then sat on a little pier/dock watching the boats come in and chatting about how bizarre it is that somehow two girls from the same small North-West town ended up sitting on a beach in Hong Kong and got there by two completely different paths. Slightly surreal.

The day didn’t end there as we got the bus back to CWB and hunted for a cafe for a bizarre drink we didn’t know existed yet and ended up in an often heard of but never seen cat cafe. It didn’t disappoint, despite smelling a lot like cat pee, and the cats really not being interested in us. We played with some of the cats, with their weird stringy toys but our efforts to pick them up did not go down too well. Some guy was playing far too rough with the kitties putting them on his lap on their backs and looking really upset when they clawed him or ran off. The cats were adorable though, one cat had some kind of leg issue where his front two legs were considerably shorter than the back, and he had a collar on due to an eye infection. But he was still beautiful as were the rest of the cats. Quite the experience!

5. The weather is improving day by day, currently it’s a bit cloudy but, in the words of ‘The Weather Girls’ humidity is rising. I’ve actually had the air con on the past couple of days. Air con in February.

6. Going back a couple of weeks now, I got well and truly spoilt for Valentines day. Super spoilt, like the spoilt little girl I am. Flowers, a candy rose, posh cocktails and an amazing dinner with caviar, ox tail and fancy desserts. And Paul dressed like a gentleman in a suit and tie, yummy!

I guess all that has made up for the past few days I’ve spent ill, and the hassle I had this morning at a bank. The amount of bankers in Hong Kong and it’s such hard work to set up a basic account. That’s another story.


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