I’m coming to the end of my last unemployed Monday, no more lie-ins and lazy afternoons on the couch.. Alas, this is a good thing as it means I’m bringing home the bacon, or at least a share of it.

So, my last Monday has been spent laying on the couch with crippled calves and hips due to a monstrous hike that Paul and I found ourselves on yesterday. It was meant to be a stroll really, a couple of hours. Unfortunately, without a compass in my vision with a flashing way point – a la video games – I am not the best navigator, so a couple of wrong turns took us on a 7 mile uphill stroll.


It was, in fact, pretty amazing. Despite the fact I was wearing movement-restricting skinny jeans, and we were both in Converse – not exactly rated for their hiking ability – we managed it without too much complaint. The only complaints came from my mouth as I struggled up one particularly steep section of terrain, out of breath and starting to feel my knees wearing giving in.


As we made our way further into the hills we were surrounded by mist, you could barely see anything below and it really was like being in Lord of the Rings or Skyrim. It was great as every so often you came to a plateau and there was a lovely cool and fresh breeze, perfect after dragging yourself up from the polluted streets of Hong Kong.

We saw Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, Jardines Lookout, walked along Wilsons Trail and Mount Butler Road. We took in a spot of cricket and some tennis at the Hong Kong tennis club and saw a huge quarry and Hong Kong radio receiving station (whatever that is). We walked past a lot of people on the way, some people who would certainly have been walking when night fell, which is what we tried to avoid. There was no lights at all on the trails and with the mist there would have been zero visibility, scary.

Google Maps was eventually checked and we found out the mistakes I made in my direction giving, we’d gone a long way away from home and we were literally on top of a mountain and still had another mountain to climb before we were in the direction of home.

We eventually got home, bought some ice lollies and then ordered a fat takeaway because hey, we’d walked 7 miles! This morning I woke up early and found that my legs were stiff and proceeded to get stiffer for IMAG1248the rest of the day.

I’m somewhat glad that I attempted to rely on my awful non-TomTom mental sat nav to get us to where I wanted to go, because we ended up getting completely lost and seeing a lot more interesting stuff and pushing ourselves more that we would have if we’d have gone with my original plan. I am very glad that Pauls phone had coverage as we came to one fork in the road that would have probably resulted in us getting heli lifted home if we’d took the wrong direction. Long ass route

There’s our route if anybody wants to willingly walk it..

Well, I’ve kept this one short and sweet as I have it on good authority that the boyf will be posting soon..

So here’s some more pictures from our foggy walk!

IMAG1232       IMAG1231


IMAG1221 IMAG1220 IMAG1219 IMAG1218    IMAG1215 IMAG1212 IMAG1209


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