IMAG1335~2I’ve tried to write a post about my first week at work since I got home from work on Saturday afternoon. Yes, in my first week of work they had me getting up at 6.30 to work for four hours on a Saturday morning! That’s fake rage, it was actually a really easy day and I got to go home early on the Wednesday for agreeing to work the Saturday. Score. I literally just drank coffee all day and chatted about Hong Kong with my new colleagues.

For some reason I was having trouble writing about it, it all sounds so boring and too much like a white whine.
‘Holy mackerel guys, they gave me hours that meant I had to wake up with an alarm clock instead of regaining conscious naturally, all so that I could go to work so I can buy myself shit I don’t need.’.
Sure, I was tired from the change to my routine and my sleeping hours went part time for a few nights. Yeah, I had to get up before Paul on Saturday to make sure I was fresh for my Saturday shift.
Apart from the fact that the amount of hours I spend awake has grown, the only thing that has changed about my daily routine is that I do more stuff. I’m out and about in the city, meeting new people and making friends. I’m learning a lot of new things, more than I can store in my brain at times. I still have time to cook dinner and the apartment has actually stayed tidier for longer as I’m not here to mess it up.

My new job is pretty awesome, it seems to keep everybody busy but they still have time to catch up and chat and make it fun, which is important to keeping yourself sane at work. The ‘customers’ are mostly friendly but if they’re not it’s fine because I’m working in the medical industry and you can’t blame people for letting their social skills slip if they’re ill or they’re worrying about somebody close to them.

There’s no bans on social networking, I can use my phone, I don’t have to wait until the clock turns to the exact minute of my shift times before I leave for the day and I’m getting a uniform made to measure so I don’t look stupid in an over/under sized top. It’s a completely different set up to what I’ve been used to over the past few years of working. They seem to trust that you’re going to get your work done without taking the piss, which is something that I didn’t feel in some of my previous jobs.
My colleague was so bemused when I was sat at 5.25 still logged on my computer, she was saying ‘Go, get out! Go home!!’ Haha.

So that’s it, that’s my summary of my first ‘week’ at work.

Outside of work we’ve had a couple of outings this week. We went for a meal at ‘The Mango Tree’ with another couple. It’s Thai cuisine so think lots of curries and meats. I had duck in red curry with pineapple and lychee and it was… ok. I wasn’t actually hugely impressed with the place considering the prices were quite high. The duck meat was nice but my bowl was full of fatty lumps of skin with the remains of feathers poking out of it. The curry was described as mild but it was actually pretty spicy and I wasn’t the only person who said that. The nicest part of the meal was the spring rolls we had to start, they were lovely and crunchy and had a lovely sweet chili dip with them. Apart from that I wasn’t overly impressed. Sorry Mango Tree, there’s better That restaurants in HK.

On Friday we went to a comedy night at ‘Tamarind’ restaurant in Wan Chai. Included in the ticket was an all-you-can eat buffet. The buffet was absolutely gorgeous and it’s made me want to go back for an actual meal. There was chicken tikka, masala curry, onion bhaji, pakoras and a lot more popular Indian dishes. A few people went back for seconds and thirds whilst I stuck with my one plate as by this time I was shattered from work and wanted to curl up in a ball.
The comedy side was three Irish comedians, they were mostly funny. Oddly enough they got worse as they went on, I’m sure they’re usually meant to get better?
Anyway, it was a whole load of Irish jokes, swearing, verbally assaulting hecklers and a lot of audience interaction. All the comedians seemed to watch the whole show as they remembered who’d been picked on and went back to them throughout the show which was pretty funny, I’m really glad we sat right at the back though.

I’ve been poor with taking photos again recently, but here’s a few stragglers that I found.

In the seamstresses store room

In the seamstresses..

My first bubble tea

My first bubble tea

The view from Tamarind

The view from Tamarind



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