If you have Timehop on your phone you will understand that it causes you to relive some of your best, worst and cringiest moments… well at least the moments you shared on Facebook or Instagram.

Such as this one from 4 years ago.

timehop rororor



That was, in fact, not the hardest part about moving to Hong Kong *rolls eyes at past self*

Last week Timehop reminded me that it had a been a year since we announced to the world -or at least the people we know in the world- that we were moving to Hong Kong. That’s not as big or celebration-worthy as both of our separate ‘arriving in Hong Kong’ anniversaries will be but it is pretty significant. Within a year our plans have been realised, and all the things that caused me anxiety and worry are long forgotten. We’re happy and settled here, and I think Hong Kong has exceeded both of our expectations.

Anyway, I wasn’t trying to get all soppy and deep there. It just came out. I really only wanted to post a picture of a chair that my skinny little derriere managed to break…

tommyhSo, I got a job. I’ve been working in that job for nearly a month now and I’ve actually had my first pay -my first pay since last July! It was only for 6 days work, but it was a pretty adequate amount seeing as tax doesn’t get deducted from it – reminder, save money for tax- so, naturally I’ve been making it rain at every possible opportunity. I’ve not hesitated spending $240 (£21.19) in the $12 shop, I treated myself to a flashy new haircut and acted like it wasn’t no thang when I handed over that $160 (£14.13).. I did break the bank a little when I got my nails done, I shelled out a whopping $300 (£26.49). Paul has also been feeling the love, I’ve slipped some $1 (8p) coins into the waistband of his jeans and treated him to a lovely mexican meal……… where they didn’t accept EPS cards so he had to pay (totally unplanned..)

It’s been nice having my own money again, I wasn’t exactly restricted when I was leeching off Paul but it’s been nice to have a bit of a spree – despite the fact my spree was in Living Plaza, Hong Kongs pound store! I even went and got a prepaid mastercard so that we can shop online. Yes, in case I haven’t mentioned it previously, Hong Kong bank cards are for ATMs and shop purchases only, to buy online you need a credit card or continue using your British card which gets pretty costly with charges. With our prepaid credit card we can top up and spend online, which makes it easier to book cinema tickets, order underwear in sizes other than AAA and get fast food delivered – which is useless to me really as Burger King don’t deliver yet and I’m craving a whopper.

With great money comes great shopping responsibility and I’ve now been able to get a bit creative with the places I buy my clothes from. There’s not a HUGE choice in Hong Kong when it comes to your average everyday high street fashion, there is Forever 21 (which has been my saviour), H&M and the slightly more expensive Zara and Topshop. Now, I know Zara and Topshop aren’t exactly high fashion but when you can choose to pay $300 for an embroidered crop top that you’ll wear twice and spill ice lolly juice on or just $100 I’m always gonna go for the cheaper option. Throwaway fashion at it’s finest. With the addition of our prepaid card I now have the ability to go forth and spend on two of my favourite sites, and, to quote mean girls, “Everybody in the English speaking world knows that song”. I’m pretty sure everybody in the English and non-English speaking world knows of It’s now my go to site for underwear and swimwear because, as I previously said it’s hard to get these things in Hong Kong for curvy beauts like myself. They deliver within two weeks and if you don’t meet the limit for free delivery it’s only $30 hkd for delivery. Quicker and easier than starving myself so I can fit into a B cup bra!


This is a thing now.

My all time favourite site is ALL TIME FAVOURITE. Long before Hong Kong was even a twinkle in Pauls eye I visited this site and marvelled at the cheap and cheerful clothes, bags and shoes that were on offer but I was too worried that any purchases wouldn’t turn up as it’s a long way from Asia to the UK. I rediscovered the site when we moved here and tried it out and was really happy with what I got. If you’re going to try it I warn you not to expect super high quality, the clothes are true throwaway fashion. I have mostly used it for t shirts (nice thin material to keep you cool in the hot sun) I’ve bought a couple of super cute bags which, for under $100hkd were really good quality, and a pair of chunky gothy grunge boots which were also under $100hkd and are absolutely amazing! The site is vast and you’d need to sit down and sift through the hundreds of pages to find what you want as the search feature isn’t incredible. The labelling can be pretty vague so it’s best to have a virtual rummage because you do come upon some absolute gems. I bought an oversized white t-shirt with the slogan ‘Hakuna Matata’ for about £5 last year, another for a similar price that says ‘I’m serious’ (Idk, I thought it was cute) and one with pints of beer on it for some upcoming boozy beach days. If you’re too posh to shop at the bargain basement of Asian fashion you should at least spend some time looking at the site just for the lolsome broken English and WTF! slogans that adorn some of the clothes. The big new trend amongst the Asian youth is wearing a top that states you are a Pervert and does not let you down in this field. I could talk about this site for 2 days straight, only breaking to quickly order THIS DRESS

It’s 9am on a Tuesday morning. I’m off to get ready to go to the beach.



Have a nice day beaches.

6 thoughts on “THE STRUGGLE IS OVER (I got paid)

    • Oh my, I got burnt to a crisp at the beach! Haha. Yeah, we only found out when the card got declined every time we tried to use it online, so frustrating but the prepaid card is an easy fix :D.


      • Ouch! Wear more Sun cream haha I’m trying to decide whether to ship anything or not. Ive got a few bits around the house to take that would make my new place feel more like mine, did you ship anything or take any extra boxes on the plane?


      • We only took our suitcases with our clothes. I took a few photos and have bought frames here but that’s all. What kinds of things were you thinking of shipping? Also, does your accommodation have furniture do you know?


      • Hmmm, that shouldn’t be too hefty to ship. If you can find it cheap enough I would say go for it, we didn’t bring anything and our apartment is decked out in Ikeas finest! I wish I’d have brought a nice blanket from home, as I get quite chilly with the air con on and don’t like my Ikea one :(.

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