Oh no! No awesome updates from me recently. Not to worry, there’ll be some soon as we will be having some visitors and we have some stuff planned for the weekend.

Anyway, I’ve been working this week in a different location than usuall. I wanted to share my awesome Hong Kong taxi story.

If you Google ‘Hong Kong taxi drivers’ you’ll get a lot of negative results. They pick and choose their fares, they’re rude, they’re dangerous drivers and sometimes they are just damn stinky (I assume the car, not the driver).
I’m now having to travel to the South of the island and due to minimal public transport (no trams or MTR) I’ve been taking a taxi down there as they’re pretty cheap and usually quite easy to catch. Yesterday, I was nearly late because no taxis would stop for me (or the other people in the queue) but eventually I got one and got to work on time. Today I left earlier and waited over half an hour before I lost my patience and bribed a driver to come get me using ‘Easy Taxi’ which is basically a version of Uber.

Within a few minutes a driver had took the bait of an extra $20 (£1.70) tip and he was on the phone telling me he was on his way “I’ll get you at tram stop, ok la!”. The lady in front of me overheard (i.e. was being nosey) my phone conversation and asked me if I’d called a taxi. After I explained the app to her she told me that they would now have access to my messages, photos and apps. When I explained just how stupid that was she then asked me how much extra I was paying and told me that it was a rip off. Excuse me, an extra £2 on top of a £4.50 fare is nothing to me. She was clearly only visiting Happy Valley as no one that cheap would be living there (I’m totally joking, I’m not that snobby.. yet.).

Within another three minutes he pulled up right in front of me and I swaggered like an absolute gangster into the car whilst the rest of the queue looked on in amazement and what I can only imagine as anger as they probably thought I’d just jumped the queue.

As soon as I got in I told him where I needed to be and that I had 15 minutes to get there.

This, this is my favourite part, the reason for me posting a blog at 1.15am.

My driver produced a single driving glove, snapped it on his hand and said:
‘We can make it.’ 
He drove like an absolute pro, I’m pretty sure we drifted around a couple of corners and due to paying the extra tip he avoided the toll road for me as it would have been further charges for me, which I think also doubled up as giving him an excuse to speed around Happy Valleys windy little roads.
Unfortunately I was a few minutes late, only due to the fact that we hit some rush hour traffic.

I could see him looking at his watch and sighing as we were so close to my building that we could see it, but we just weren’t going to make it.

He apologised and I told him he is my taxi hero and then we parted ways.

I got into work and nobody noticed me coming in, never mind that I was a few minutes late.

So I want to wish a big thank you to my excellent taxi driver who has now restored my faith in the drivers of Hong Kong.. Until I next need to get home from LKF at 3am.

"Kowloon side only" said every taxi driver ever.

“Kowloon side only” said every taxi driver ever.

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