MARTIN MADNESS (an overview)

When I was younger, young enough to not know any better, I always thought it would be super cool to live somewhere with extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain, (proper) thunderstorms, typhoons!

On hindsight younger me was very stupid and needs to be beaten.


I still think it’s crazy when the usually incredible view of skyscrapers in the distance completely disappears.

It’s been a week of rain, storms, monsoons and general greyness in Hong Kong and it has rudely carried on into our bank holiday weekend, I think it’s safe to say England will have a drier, sunnier bank holiday than we will.. but not hotter or more humid.. yay.

I should really say a big thank you to the weather though, as a few weeks ago Paul’s parents arrived and became our first ever visitors! Since that day the weather mostly held its little legs shut so that they had some semi-decent weather whilst exploring our beloved country.

We had a grand old time with the Martins, unfortunately we both had to work for the majority of the time they were here so that meant a lot of after work dinners with glasses of wine.. What a shame.. 😀 We ate in some absolutely amazing restaurants, some of the highest rated in Hong Kong, I tried quite a few new species of animal, mostly seafood such as jelly fish, mantis shrimp and sea snails. We had some agonizingly delicious Korean bbq beef with an incredible view of Hong Kong Island and drank eye wateringly expensive cocktails in the eye wateringly high bar at the Peninsula hotel.

We went to the Happy Valley races where I made some amazing horse choices and Pauls dad managed to keep up his record of never winning a horse race in his life, not even during his brief stint as a jockey (complete story embellishment).

We also visited Lamma Island and successfully completed the hike trail (ticket off my To Do list).

Whilst we were slaving away at work they managed to see a lot of Hong Kong on their own, discovering gems that we’d never heard of such as the Hong Kong Museum which sounds like an interesting day out. I’m glad they had a great time and had a chance to see why we love this place so much. It was amazing and slightly surreal to have some of our family visit our new home, we  had some pre races drinks in our tiny apartment and it was lovely to have guests over doing the IMAG2313kind of thing we’d want to do more often if we were in England. I sincerely hope they come again and I hope other people visit us soon too (MUM).

So, that’s a round-up of why I’ve not posted in like a month and what we’ve generally been up to, which is somewhere between busy and very busy. Since the departure of the parents we’ve had a quiet week cooking meals that consist of more than just meat and then ended that by going to a Korean BBQ and eating just meat last night. We’ve been stuck in the apartment most of the time due to this dastardly weather. Oh, and I bought a blender.

So, here are some of the pictures we got over the past few weeks, I really need to remember to take more pictures as I’m sad that I don’t have more of our seafood extravaganza, but then again my phone battery was depleted for that.

I’m hoping to go into more details about some of the stuff we did later on 🙂

Tell me what you think..

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