At home, messy bedroom as usual!


Looking tired at the airport at 3.30am zzz.


Trying to look awake, waiting to board O_O

I’m currently back in England for a very short time with some family business. I’m having very mixed emotions about being back at home, literally on every point I can think of.. It’s amazing to see, first and foremost, my dogs and obviously also amazing to see the people I call my family and friends, however I’m missing Paul something drastic! I’m happy to have some respite from the over populated, highly polluted city streets of Hong Kong, but I’m so eager to get back in and amongst it all, I’ve recently realised the act of barging people out of the way on the MTR is my version of therapy. I thought I’d enjoy being in the UK during Summer, to get away from the humidity, however I’d rather take humidity over the piercing cold wind that has been raging through our back garden the past few days!


An actual mojito on a plane!


Twin peaks whilst having dinner..

I’m sure the good outweighs the bad really, I just like an excuse to complain. The thing is, if I didn’t travel back to England on my own I wouldn’t have had the chance to write about the outrageous experience of getting upgraded to business class by Emirates (my number one favouritest airline :D). I have no idea how I managed to get it, it’s most likely just plain good luck mixed with the fact I cheekily asked the check in lady for a free upgrade (she said no) but I’m going to say it’s all down to the power of positive thinking and wanting it BADLY.

I did the things the websites told me off the Google. I dressed somewhat smart, I waited as long as I could before joining the check in queue, I asked for an upgrade and I also made sure my Emirates Skywards card was linked to my booking and somehow it worked. Upon boarding my second flight – Dubai to Manchester – the scanny bleepy machine bleeped as my boarding pass was scanned and I heard those delightful words ‘Ms Allen, you’ve been upgraded!’ and off I hopped taking the stairs to the top deck of the plane two at a time, grinning at all the staff whilst they looked back at me knowing that there is no chance in hell I paid for business class.


Feet up!

I was treated like the Princess that I was born to be, I was offered champagne, cocktails, wine and I drank them all. All of them. I was served arabian food and loin of lamb and then I tucked myself into my massaging seat which, with the touch of a button, converted into a massaging bed and a lovely sleep I had. When I woke up, with a hangover, I ordered my pre-landing snacks and watched some ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ with my noise cancelling complimentary headphones. My personal attendant, as I choose to call him, brought me a mint tea to sooth my post wine/champagne/mojito belly and I settled down for a bit more of a snooze before landing where I disembarked before all the riff raff who were seated in economy. I’m well and truly spoilt when it comes to my future flights.



There is nothing at all I could fault Emirates on, and even if there was I wouldn’t blog about it as I wouldn’t want to harm my  chances of a free upgrade in the future – All I’ll say is keep them coming and I’ll keep the good reviews coming (as if anyone who reads my blog can afford Emirates business class pft).

I fly home in a few days and I’m keeping my positive thinking cap on in hopes that I’m upgraded again – on both flights. To first class.

Well, I’ll continue making the most of my time in the UK and I promise next time to arrange my images in a much more tidy way as this post is atrocious.


A lovely sunset from my bedroom window.




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