ALL WORK AND NO PLAY = very boring blog.

It’s very nearly been a whole year since I flew over to Hong Kong for the first time and I must say I’ve becoming slightly lazy with keeping this blog up to date. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way of fun and you just end up plodding along for a little while and not experiencing new blogworthy things. That has definitely been the case for Paul and I recently as we’ve had work and personal issues to deal with. After spending a whole day on the couch yesterday (Sunday) doing a grand total of nothing I’ve come back to my senses and realised we ought to make the most of our lucky little selves as time flies so fast and who knows how long we’ll be in this glorious country for. One year for Paul went super fast and for me it’s gone super duper fast and we’ve done a helluva lot of new things, been to new places and met an absolutely huge amount of new great people.

I’m not saying we’ve done NOTHING at all for the past couple of months, we’ve had our fair share of amazing food, nights out, shopping trips and general days out and about but what I mean is I’ve had nothing super interesting to write about.

An interesting thing that is about to happen is that it’s almost time for us to pack our cardboard boxes up and move to somewhere else in HK! So I’ve been frantically searching for a new location for us to explore as, as much as I love Happy Valley, it would be nice to live closer to an MTR station and have a better kitchen (we literally are both dreaming of a better kitchen).

One other interesting thing that’s going to happen is my lovely friend over at Hong Kong A Teacher Abroad will very very soon be flying out and I will get to meet the girl who I’ve been talking to for the last 5 months! Super excited to welcome her to this great place! I always enjoy writing this blog and always maintain that it’s purely for myself and any other friends and family to read and keep up with our adventures (when we’re having them) but it’s been really awesome actually making a friend through it.

Well, that’s all, just wanted to post an update and breath a bit of air into this dying horse. Here are some random photos from the last month.. they are truly a mish mash.


My Hong Kong adventures will resume shortly. I promise.

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