I’m, begrudgingly, working this Saturday morning which means I’ve worked two Saturdays in a row. On the flip side, it means I’ve qualified for time off in lieu so I decided to take it as two half days this week. So today I started work at 8.30 and by 12.50 I was packing my bags ready to leave. My colleagues asked me what my plans were for today and when I told them I was going to have a solo picnic in the botanical gardens they looked at me like I told them I was going to walk naked through Central station.

‘Why would you want to do that?!’ I was asked.

I was frankly gobsmacked as I’ve posted about the zoological and botanical gardens before and the only reasonable response to that question is ‘Why WOULDN’T you!?’.

C360_2015-08-12-15-32-16-949 C360_2015-08-12-15-35-33-208

Such a beautiful place to sit and relax in the shade, watching the animals and having some lunch. Every time I’ve been, there has only been a handful of visitors, you’re not fighting to see the animals or to find a spot on a bench. The animals are well looked after and the enclosures are constantly maintained; You can see that the staff truly care about the animals and enjoy their job.

It’s definitely one of my favourite Hong Kong spots (and it’s free!).

I have another half day tomorrow.. I wonder where I’ll go!

Tell me what you think..

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