Tonight Paul and I went to see one of our favourite actor/comedians, Dylan Moran.
If you haven’t seen Black Books please go away, watch it and come back once you’ve sewn your sides back together and put your socks back on, as it is side splitting and you will laugh your socks off.

The show was great, we were on the front row dead centre which would be scary if it was any other comedian but Dylan Moran isn’t the audience heckling kind so it was a pleasant experience to be so close and actually make eye contact with the guy! His show was so morbid and dark and true and was full of long rambling sentences where he didn’t seem to take a breath for minutes at a time.

It was fantastic! I just wish that I was able to fully switch off and enjoy the show and block out the people around me, because the people around we were absolute tools. There was 4 girls sat beside us on the front row who came in armed with cans of beer and constantly taking selfies, cheering every time somebody walked around near the stage and being excitable and happy. No problem there. Within a minute of the show starting one of the girls got told to put her phone away by Dylan himself, the only audience participation for the whole show. However they continued to take their phones out and not even just to take pictures, the girl next to me was on Facebook or some other bullshit social media page probably telling everybody about the show that she was at that she wasn’t paying any damn attention to.

Being on the front row (can you tell I’m bragging a little bit) I could clearly see the looks he was shooting at these girls every time their phone lit up in the darkness, he was pissed off, I was pissed off, we were pissed off. They didn’t get the hint though. When they weren’t on their phones they were having full on conversations with each other, on the front row, at a stand up comedy show.

I have been at a few shows like this now, not just in Hong Kong, in England too. I wonder what is going on in these people’s minds to not be aware of what’s going on around them, those girls constantly checking their phones and talking made my night less enjoyable and I’m sure Dylan Moran didn’t appreciate it either.

I’ve been in a love hate relationship with mobile phones for a while now, I hate to be without it but sometimes I want to throw it into the sea. A lot of the time I want to throw other peoples phones in the sea too. They stop us from engaging in things 100%, conversations aren’t as deep when somebody is constantly checking Facebook, meals are ruined when you’re trying to compete with the 17 other people your partner is currently whatsapping and it’s hard to motivate yourself to clean when Candy Crush Saga lets you know you have 5 new lives.

I enjoy being able to communicate with whoever I want, whenever I want, wherever I am especially as I’m living abroad but I think it’s time to *attempt* to cut back on the mobile phone usage when I’m spending my time with Paul and friends.

So, a night out watching Dylan Moran turned into a one-woman show on why technology is good but sometimes bad.

I advise you to go and watch Dylan Moran, and leave your phone at home.


Black Books Wikia

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