It’s been a long time since I posted, a long long time. I don’t even want to look at the date of the last post because I’ll realise I don’t have enough excuses to cover that length of absence. Here are a few though; we moved apartments, we’ve been busy working, we’ve been social butterflies, we’re lazy.

The main thing there is that we moved apartments, we left the fancy rich district of Happy Valley and moved 5 minutes away to the less fancy district of Wan Chai, famous for its bustling sex trade, grimy bars and also the recent case of the ‘American Psycho’ style prostitute killer Rurik Jutting.

We had been flat hunting for over a month and I had a new agent lined up to show us some properties but we ended up rescheduling as there was torrential rain and we couldn’t be bothered, the next day we still couldn’t be bothered but after some lunch we decided to just meet up with guy. Our new agent announced that all the properties we were going to view had terraces, which was one of the things on my huge unrealistic apartment checklist. The first viewing didn’t go well, the door man wasn’t present so we couldn’t get in the building.. The second apartment was above Wan Chai street market (noisy and smelly) and was a studio with a stained, mouldy old couch in the middle. I tried to be positive but Paul just came out with what we were both thinking ‘No way.’.

Feeling like our time had been wasted and just wanting to give up, we walked to the third apartment in a quiet street away from the markets and the bars. The door to the apartment had a touch keypad for entry (another one of my dream features) and when the agents finally got the code right we walked into what would be our new apartment. It has a dining room, a long kitchen WITH BUILT IN OVEN! A bedroom with separate storage space, a huge (HK standards) living room and most of all a big terrace with table and chairs and a gas barbecue. I was on  cloud nine and completely in love with the place. I thought it was a simple decision but Paul had other thoughts. He kept me hanging for so long, I had given up on the apartment and started gazing aimlessly at gohome.com and squarefoot.com, certain I’d never find anything so amazing ever again. And then he whatsapped me, whilst I was pretending to work (I don’t know how you pretend  to be a receptionist but I definitely wasn’t actually receptionisting) and told me he’d confirmed with the agent that we’d take it. I immediately cancelled my flights back home and told my mum not to bother making my bed for me, I was going to stay with Paul after all.

Since we moved in we’ve had one awesome barbecue party and now the weather has turned a bit rotten we’ve not really used the terrace much except for hanging out washing.. but as soon as the weather stabilises we’re going to be terrorising our neighbours a lot more frequently!


It’s amazing to sit more than two feet away from the TV and have an actual coffee table, to have space to cut up veg rather than using a chopping board that’s half hanging off of the one small section of worktop that’s not covered by an oven or kettle or dirty plate.. and it’s also great to not have to depend on a drier to dry our clothes!

So Paul made me a very happy Allen when he accepted this flat, and when I’m no longer working I will make it up to him by baking him shortbread and brownies every night.

We’re back to England on the 16th for Christmas, hard to believe we’ve been here for long enough to be flying home for our second Christmas. Time is really flying and that’s another reason I haven’t posted in a while, it hasn’t actually felt like that long since I last pressed publish.

More soon.

Happy Allen.


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