I’m currently on dog watch. Yes, dog watch. That is how much things have changed since I last updated the general public on our life abroad. I’m still very much in Hong Kong, but a lot has changed.

My job ended 10 days ago and my visa expired 6 days ago so I’m now back to unemployed, tourist/housewife status. I have had a slight promotion however, as mentioned above, I’m now also the dog watcher, the dogmother if you will. After spending a year working in a fast-paced environment dealing with many sick people (not as a medical professional mind you, I was on the REAL front line – reception) it came as a big shock to be let loose from working life and have my free time handed back to me. I was pretty sad about leaving work, I made a ton of amazing friends and I actually really enjoyed my job for the most part. The location was excellent, pay was decent – for Hong Kong- and the patients were generally friendly and polite, and if they weren’t it was usually down to them being sick and you can’t blame somebody for being grumpy when they’re sick!

I needed a retirement companion and Paul wouldn’t cough up to buy me a Paro Seal, so the decision was that we get a little old dog for me to shower with attention and talk to and sing to and dance with during my lonely hours in the apartment. I wasn’t completely against that idea, as it was always my idea. After a few ‘let-downs’, so to speak, in the search for the perfect dog we visited a rescue centre on Sunday 6th and had some special little dogs thrust upon us to take for a walk, this was a walk to remember. Paul and I had a chihuahua each, a set of brothers around 6 years old who had been abandoned for unknown reasons. They would have been put to sleep if the rescue shelter hadn’t saved them, this thought makes me feel really emotional in general but I can feel my eyes filling up thinking about if these guys had been put to sleep instead of getting picked for rehoming. Anyway, after a long walk and a play in the dog park we took the dogs back to the shelter to speak to the volunteers. Putting these guys back into the pen was awful, some of the dogs there are quite boisterous and loud and well, obnoxious, and our boys were having a hard time of it within a few minutes of going back in – I know this is usually a psychological thing but their big eyes were pleading with us to take them.. Or maybe I’m just a crazy dog person!

Anyway, we opted to take the dogs on a trial to see if they fit in with our lifestyle and then we can decide to foster or adopt. It’s already been a rollercoaster as our little boy, currently named Little, has had some major issues with his peeing, it just wouldn’t come out quick enough! He literally stands with his leg cocked for 5 minutes whilst he’s having a very weak dribbly pee. Both guys were booked for neutering (which is part of the HK government’s rules of rehoming) so when I took them in yesterday (which happened to be the wrong day) I asked the vet to examine him. The vet said despite me being there on the wrong day they’d book Little in straight away and do some investigating and also neuter him at the same time. Well, I went to pick him up today and the vet explained to me what happened, the poor little guy had a shit ton of stones or crystals (unfortunately not swarovski) in his bladder and urethra and everywhere in between which were slowing is pee from coming down. I saw the xray and I saw the actual stones in a sample tub and I can’t believe how agonising it must have been for him. God knows how long he’s been like this for but anyway, he’s been sewn back up and is now donning the cone of shame.

It’s going to be a long night for me as Little is constantly getting up to pee and is a bit unsteady on his legs (as he is quite underweight also) so I’m keeping an eye on him and making sure he doesn’t slip over on his own pee and do the splits. I also have to keep his worried brother away from him. His brother, who we have lovingly called Fatty as he is somehow overweight, is very concerned and is keeping a watchful eye out. Unfortunately he is also trying to help by sniffing and trying to lick Little’s wounds so I have to make sure he stays a safe distance away.

We’re absolutely smitten with these little boys, they’ve come to us completely unsure of what is going to happen next but we can slowly feel them getting more secure and comfortable in our home. They’re completely house broken and they love sitting in their carriers so they can be taken out in taxi’s and they go straight to sleep in their bed together at night. Hopefully Little heals soon so that we can take them both out on many long lovely walks.

More updates soon!


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