On the subject of having children I’ve always said I would prefer to have dogs, I’m still on the fence about having children one day, and by on the fence I mean I have one leg firmly planted in the field full of dogs and my other leg is dangling into the child field, kicking them in the face if they get too close. The last couple of days have stressed me out to no end, am I keeping the dog warm enough? Should I be more pushy about him eating? Will force feeding him water with a straw accidentally drown him? I can’t imagine how hard it would be to look after a baby alone, for instance I was unsure if my dog could eat sage or not so I just Googled it (they can), with a child you just shove it in it’s mouth and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

After struggling to get Little to eat food so he could take his pills I just relented and shoved them down his throat anyway. Afterwards I felt bad in case they were too strong on his little stomach, but he seemed to relax afterwards as his painkiller started working. Later on I spoke to the vet who said I should really try to get him to eat before he takes his next pill. I spent the day trying to craft a meal that would make his mouth water, I tried his special prescription food, mixed some chicken broth with it (for hydration) and warmed it up so that it would smell appetising, it got my stomach rumbling, but he turned his head away from it in such a dramatic fashion. I left him for a while and returned to the kitchen, this time I tried some of their regular wet food in chicken and pumpkin flavour. I microwaved this and oh my word, it was like I was cooking a lamb roast dinner! It smelled amazing. Apparently Little isn’t a fan of rosemary as again, he turned his head away. In fact he got up and walked off.


He was unimpressed with the chicken soup monstrosity.

Little is little, he has a prominent spine and ribcage and his back end is significantly narrower than his chest area, he shivers a lot and I have to make sure he’s wrapped up as it’s quite cold at the moment in the apartment. If it was Fatty that wasn’t eating I wouldn’t be as worried as he’s fat and will be on a strict diet to lose some pounds soon. But as Little is so little, and so sick at the moment this situation was stressing me out. I tried a lot of random mixtures from the fridge but he just looked away from everything.

Paul came home from work and started cooking his dinner, spaghetti bolognese, he came in with some plain cooked minced beef…


Are you kidding me dog.?!

He annihilated it. I was a mixture of pleased, relieved and secretly annoyed that daddy saved the day. Just kidding, it’s not a competition of who is the best dog parent or anything..

So today I’ve spent a bit of time researching how to make the plain minced beef even better for Little, again, not because it’s a competition.. just for the wellbeing of the dog. That’s why I was Googling sage, I found that some herbs are good for different problems so I threw a load of our Italian seasoning into it and boiled it instead of frying it, because I’m a very good dog parent… :).  He’s ate a lot more today and has shown signs of getting stronger and has got quite an appetite on him.


Devouring the Italian minced beef. Note the blurry face of a Fatty.

It’s onwards and upwards for Little, he looks like he’s just going to get better and better and I’m excited for the day he pees outside in under a minute!

It’s going to be this smug little Fatty’s turn for some surgery next week.. though I can’t imagine him going off his food much..


Inconvenient dog.

I fear this is going to become a dog blog, sorry in advance.



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