Well hello there!

I’m Sarah and I’ve brought you here to learn a little about me..


I currently live in North-West England with my mum and my two dogs Poopoo, on top and Pikachu on the bottom


I also have a boyfriend, in case you weren’t already aware! His name is Paul and he is amazing, he’s the reason why this blog exists. He’s the one that got the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and create a whole new life for us!


I’m currently in the process of finding my blogging voice and style and I’m using it as a distraction from the things that are going on around me! Mainly to distract myself from missing Paul.

I have the generic likes music (I’ll give anything a go) movies (I’m very specific with what I enjoy) shopping (can’t do any at the moment) cooking (but I don’t often do it).

Some not so generic likes mayonnaise (copious amounts) cold food (everything is better cold) reading this Wikipedia page (it’s morbidly interesting).

I have quite a few dislikes too. People, mainly. But I’m not going in to the negatives.

I’m generally a happy girly, I have my periods of worry and anxiety and some times I can seem neurotic. I try to favour optimism and positivity, but sometimes the world gets the better of me.

Any questions, just ask 🙂

4 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT ME

  1. Hey your blog’s looking fab. Glad I found it. It’s particularly interesting to read since I went the other way around from HK to the UK. Hope you guys are enjoy life in HK. I write opinion pieces in reaction to news re both HK & UK. Would be great if you can follow back. Thanks!


  2. Helloo! so sorry but I can’t figure out how to email you directly….your post on working holiday visa REALLY helped, now filling in the form and wondering what you put for your residing country since you were already there? tahnk you so much 🙂

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    • Hi Alix! Yay I’m glad you found it helpful. That question confused me as well but to ensure I got my visa sent to my HK address I put HK down. I also included a little letter to explain my circumstance and why I was currently in HK, just saying I’m here on a tourist visa and staying with my boyfriend and would like the chance to stay longer and work. I just made sure to cover myself. So, in summary, I put HK down, I put my HK address in my present address and I think I actually left my ‘permanent address’ blank, but you can put your address from your home country in with no problem as I’ve since discussed it with another holiday visa holder! Let me know if I’ve confused you or you have any more questions 😀 and good luck!! X


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