What a beautifully lovely day I have had today. Dinner with the boyfriends family (sans boyfriend). It was a very celebratory day, celebrating his sisters birthday, his brothers birthday and also me leaving! I kind of gate-crashed the day tehehe.
We had lunch at ‘Grill on the Edge’ in the village of Alderley Edge in Cheshire. The food was 5 stars! I had asparagus soup, lamb rump with pea puree and fondant sweet potato and trio of ice cream. That was hours ago and I am still full now. They also do mega expensive foods like Wagyu beef at £55 for a steak! We all tried some of the Wagyu, in burger form, and it was pretty tasty.
It was a very funny day with conversations ranging from monkey willy to Sarah willy (what?!). And then I said goodbye to everyone 😦 it wasn’t sad though, will be seeing them on Skype no doubt!!

That was only HALF the fun of the day, earlier that morning I took delivery of my vacuum packs to try out to see if I can save space in my luggage.


I know what they do, condensing a lot of stuff to up to 75% less. I didn’t really expect much downsizing to happen with my clothes though, because they’re pretty flat anyway..


That’s approximately 20 dresses, 15 skirts, 15 tops!! WOW! I am holding them over my head like a heavyweight weight lifter. Look at those guns, do you want two tickets to the gun show?!


I’m sure I can get it even flatter than that if I take the time to fold properly. There’s still bits that I need to put in like a few odd tops and none of my jeans are in it, but just plopping it into my suitcase shows me how much space I’ve saved already! I’m so impressed, I keep re-inflating it and then deflating it again. It’s mesmerizing seeing it go all flat, and then lifting it and it being completely rigid. I must have a very silly mind because I’m thoroughly entertained by it all.

This may be an even sillier thought, but when you’re on a plane and crisp packets expand because of the pressure, will my vacuum packs blow up because if so my suitcase is going to tear right open hahaha :/ but I may have completely misunderstood science there.

Well, time for some Netflix in bed I think 🙂 Here’s hoping tomorrow is just as lovely..
4 Days!!!!!


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